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Vintage in Solid Wood - Elegance and Functionality for Your Interior

Vintage in Solid Wood - Elegance and Functionality for Your Interior

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This screen is finished with a raw finish that reveals the natural defects of the wood such as the ribs, accentuating the authenticity and natural wear of the wood despite its recent manufacture.

Each panel has a width of 41 cm / 16.14 In, and a total width of 123 cm / 48.43 and a height of 177 cm / 69.69 in

The top and bottom parts have an arched finish and have panels with stylized fir decorations in relief.

The parts of this Paravant receive carved thin slices of wood glued and with improbable and decorative forms

This rustic screen will obviously fit in mountain homes but also in warm decorations, a room with a fireplace, a living room, or a bedroom.

Occulting and ideal for separating spaces, this 3-panel screen is a decorative, foldable, and useful piece of furniture that can be easily stored.


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