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Double Door With Wrought Iron Window Moroccan Style Hand Carved, Wooden Door, Vintage Door, Custom Sliding Door, Home Doors.

Double Door With Wrought Iron Window Moroccan Style Hand Carved, Wooden Door, Vintage Door, Custom Sliding Door, Home Doors.

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Carved door, Authentic, Moroccan oriental style, Every Moroccan door tells us a story. Some are antique, others ancient, but each has its own story. This Moroccan wooden door with antique handle features Moroccan artwork inspired by Arab culture. This hand-carved door has a double-door style, high-quality solid wood interior doors, and the exterior facade is incited by Mediterranean design. From abstract geometric shapes to floral-inspired motifs, this double door is a piece of art in itself.
Using techniques handed down through many generations, this magnificent Moroccan door is entirely handcrafted in our workshop in Marrakech, Morocco. Keeping its rustic shape, we've added an old-fashioned iron handle to achieve a truly vintage feel.

✔ Special order sizes available on request.
✔ Artistic carvings by master sculptors.
✔ Aged and finished doors.
✔ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
✔ Even for use as a front door or for a closet.
✔ A great housewarming gift for friends or relatives.


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