Who Are We ?

Who Are We ?

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Who Are We ?

The Morocco doors are more than just a design that people like. The history behind the Moroccan-style doors is insane. Who would have known that different shapes and designs of Moroccan doorways and doors could tell a story? It’s really amazing to think of the detail and thought that goes behind each and every one of these doors in Marrakech. And if you really want to get your mind blown, think that the same attention to detail and thought goes into each and every Moroccan door!


One very distinct Moroccan door is the Moorish-style door. The Islamic arch makes the Moorish doors very distinct. This style of door in Morocco came from Spain when the Moorish people came over to Morocco. There are many different types of arches found on Moroccan doors. You’ll see keyhole arches, regular arches, and arches that come to a point. Each of them shows the Muslim culture in Morocco.


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A Word From Our CEO


I’m YASSINE BABOUIH, owner of THE MOROCCAN DOORS, located in Marrakech, Souk Lakhmis, Morocco. I inherited the craftsmanship and the shop from my father, who died in 2015, and I am now working to develop this heritage, of which I am proud.

I have been walking the alleys of its souks since I was little. Fascinated by craftsmen and their creations, today I participate in the development of Moroccan craftsmanship internationally.

We are delighted to present these unique vintage architectural doors to you, as well as vintage Berber rugs, unique vintage pieces, and items that we make ourselves.

Each piece that brings us a story, we love to share our selection with the whole world.

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