I'm YASSINE BABOUIH, owner of THE MOROCCAN DOORS, located in Marrakech, Souk lakhmis Morocco , I inherited the craftsmanship and the shop from my father who died in 2015, and I am now working to develop this heritage of which I am proud.

I have been walking the alleys of its souks since I was little. Fascinated by craftsmen and their creations, today I participate in the development of Moroccan craftsmanship internationally.

We are delighted to present these unique vintage architectural doors to you.

By purchasing a Moroccan door from us, you are helping to preserve this tradition and support the artisans who carry it on. Your purchase will help provide a stable income to these artisans, allowing them to continue working and developing their craft. On top of that, you get a unique and original piece that will be the pride of your home.
So let us help you add a touch of Moroccan magic to your home.